Kurt Cobain was born February 20, 1967, to his father, (an auto mechanic,) and his mother, (a cocktail waitress.) He was born in the town of Hoquaim, a small town only 140 kilometers from Seattle. The Cobain's then moved to Aberdeen, WA. Kurt's parents divorced when he was a child and with his parents divorce came feelings of depression, anti-sociality, and angst. Throughout his school years, Kurt was precieved as an outsider by his classmates and often distanced himself from them. In 1986, Nirvana was formed after a slew of failed bands were dead. Nirvana consisted of Kurt Cobain, Krist Novoselic and numerous drummers inclulding Chad Channing and his permanent replacement Dave Grohl. In 1989, Nirvana recorded it's first album, intitled Bleach, for the local label, Sup Pop Records. In 1991, The David Geffen company bought out Nirvana's contract, and the band was signed to Geffen Records. Two and a half years after the release of their first album, Bleach, Nirvana released thier second album, and their most popular, Nevermind. It left a lasting impression on the mainstream music scene. To it's listeners, Nirvana was a breath of fresh air, pulling itself aside from the then stale pop music scene. Nevermind brought in over $550 million dollars, leaving Nirvana "overnight millionares." It was clear that Kurt did not enjoy the fame and publicity and was not going to cope well with their newly acclaimed Rock and Roll lifestyle. Cobian began to use heroin in the early 90's, he claimed to use Herion to calm the pain of his extremely painful stomach disease, that to this day, is unclassified. In 1992, Nirvana released Incesticide and Kurt married the allready pregnant Courtney Love, (their daughter Frances Bean Cobain was born in 1993.) In 1993, Nirvana released In Utero, their most emotional and meaningful album to date. Nirvana later filmed Unplugged for MTV. It was an all acoustic preformance, that inclulded some of Nirvana's smash hits, but most of their lesser known songs, as well as some covers of Nirvana's favorite bands. Unplugged was the last live preformance that Nirvana had before Kurt Cobain died in 1994. Many speculate that Kurts death was suicide, other's blame his wife, Courtney Love, for his murder. Either way, his fans will remember him forever. His music will never die.
Kurt Cobain, in my oppinion is one of the most talented songwriters in music history. His voice is infectious and completely unique. I know that he will never be forgotten.
by Logan Marie September 01, 2006
The coolest mother fucker to ever walk earth.someday we'll all jam with him in heaven.long live NIRVANA!
Kurt Cobain is the definition on awesomeness
by j for k May 03, 2009
Kurt Cobain, (born Febuary 20th, 1967) was the lead singer and guitarist for the popular grundge band Nirvana, married to musician Courtney Love. He died in April of 1994, supposedly of a gunshot to the head. There are some others that say he had overdosed much more than the lethal amount on heroin, and there was no way he could of shot himself; Courtney did. Now, I don't believe any of this really. There isn't really evidence Courtney killed him, but it is rather suspicious, seeing as how his death was very suspicious and Courtney's crazy.

The only person that will ever know the truth is Kurt Cobain himself, and Courtney.
Chick: Hey, I got this cool Nirvana shirt.
Dude: Awesome. Kurt Cobain was a legend.
by theguitarist April 13, 2008
an amazing man who changed the world by creating grunge-a whole new way of living. he is extremely underestimated by many, and formed the band nirvana.
-whos kurt cobain?
-hes that legend who was killed by courtney love
by someone March 28, 2004
Kurt Cobain was an influential musician, although technically he was not good at all at guitar, he came up with catchy riffs and sung from the heart, his guitar playing was messy and he knew it yet he made good stuff from it. A prime example who isn't technically good at the insttrument yet extremely talented.
A lot of Kurt Cobain early solos, (well the stuff you'll get on disc 1 of with the lights out and bleach) were messy and sloppy and didn't follow any particular scales.
by harryb123 September 04, 2006
Kurt Cobain was born to Don and Wendy Cobain in Hoquiam, Washington on Feb. 20, 1967. He had one child, Frances Bean. He married the lead singer of the grunge band, Hole, Courtney Love. Kurt Cobain was the songwriter, vocalist, and guitarist for Nirvana. Nirvana was said to have "killed metal". Kurt Cobain was murdered by his daughter's nanny, Michael DeWitt. A very personal friend of Courtney Love. He was paid 50,000 dollars to kill Kurt Cobain, by Courtney Love. This has yet to be proven in a court of law, but with websites such as www.justiceforkurt.com andwww.cobaincase.com, the word will be spread and Kurt Cobain will finally be able to rest in peace. Kurt obain died on April 4th, of 1994 in his 171 Lake Washington Blvd. East Seattle, Washington home.
"Come as you are, as you were, as I want you to be..."
Come As You Are-Nirvana-Kurt Cobain
by Heather Morris June 26, 2006
the greatest musician of all time. He was the lead singer of the greatest band ever(Nirvana), and he will truly be missed. Kurt, where ever you are now, you are still loved by millions...
by a fan March 22, 2003
Kurt Donald Cobain. A musician from the 90s from the Rock Band NIRVANA. He started the grunge movement and has inspired many artists. Born February 20, 1967 and Died April 5, 1994. R.I.P Kurt. Was believed to be killed by Former wife and rockstar Courtney Love.
Man 1: Courtney killed Kurt!
Man 2: Why yes she did

Man 1: Kurt Cobain is so great
Man 2: He is my biggest inspiration!
by KurtCobainFan124 February 03, 2014

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