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They were a great band untill faggot Sammy Hagar came along. Not only does his voie suck and a bad frontman, but they started playin pop music.
When they had David Lee Roth, the coolest jew ever, they kicked ass. Eddie van Halen is my favoritest (i know thats not a word) guitarist ever, and is right at the top with Malmsteen and Vai.
Eruption, contrary to what most non-guitarists believe, is not as amazing as some of his other stuff, anmely the opening riff on Hot For Teacher
by IMDan August 11, 2005
A totally overrated "musician". Could not play the guitar for his life. Stupid people think he and Nirvana killed Metal. wrong! They just killed stupid late-80's pop metal. True metal never died. Kurt on the other hand, did, when he blessed the world and decided to perform a 12-gauge lobotomy on himself. Also helped influence the shit bands of today, ie.: Nickelback, etc.
He was the second worst grunge singer, next to Eddie Vedder.

Layne Stayley and Alice in Chains wiped the floor with Nirvana and their talentless drivel
by IMDan August 10, 2005

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