Kurt Donald Cobain, born February 20th 1967 in Hoquaim, a small town near Seattle. His mother, Wendy, was a cocktail waitress and his father, Donald, was a mechanic. He and his parents moved to Aberdeen, Washington when Kurt was 6 months old.

Kurt Cobain lived an average life until his parents divorced in 1975. After being moved from house to house for years he rebelled and started listening to bands such as The Melvins. After being kicked out of his home by his mother he lived underneath the Wishkah bridge, which later inspired the song "something in the way".

He met Krist Novoselic and started a band later to be known as "Nirvana". In 1989 Nirvana signed upto Subpop records recording "Bleach" there. however Kurt became unhappy with Drummer Chad Channings drumming and fired him. They then met Dave grohl. With the trio finally together they hit major success with the album "Nevermind" which included the tracks "Smalls like teen spirit" "In bloom" and "come as you are".

In 1989, Courtney love, Kurts future wife, maw Kurt at a show in Oregon. They formally met in 1991 at a concert in L.A. After some time together the pair got together and on August 18th 1992 The pair had their first and only child Frances Bean Cobain. The pair allegedly fought and argued over time and only bonded whilst taking Heroin.

After recording "In utero" and doing the famous Unplugged acoustic set where he played covers such as Leadbellys "where did you sleep last night" and David Bowies "Man who sold the world" as well acoustic versions of Nirvana classics like "Come as you are" Kurt was having major problems...

On March 1st 1994 whilst on tour in Germany Kurt was diagnosed with severe bronchitis. he flew to Rome for treatment on March 3rd, where Courtney met him. She awoke to find him overdosed on a cocktail of Rohypnol and Champagne. he flew back to seattle after 5 days in hospital, after an intervention with close friends and family Kurt agreed to go on a detox programme, He went to the Exodus recovery centre in LA but escaped on the first day of April, he went back home and after listening to R.E.M, Kurt took 3x the lethal amount of heroin and shot himself in the head with a shotgun. He was discovered on the 8th April by an electrician.

On the 10th of April 1994, a public vigil was held which attracted 7,000 mourners, Nirvana bassist Krist Novoselic and wife Courtney Love read out messages including Kurts suicide note. Courtney then gave some ofKurts clothes to some mourners. Kurt Donald Cobain was cremated, he died aged 27 joining the likes of Jimi Hendrix, Jim morrison and Janis Joplin in the "27 club".

Kurt Cobain, R.I.P
John: "Fucking hell dan, that was a long definition on Kurt Cobain"
Dan: "yep, lets hope i get many thumbs up (Hint Hint)"
by Dannybooyahmatey March 27, 2008
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the singer of Nirvana
kurt cobain was the one who changed music forever and sang music from the heart and he will always be remember forever R.I.P kurt
by Rachel January 25, 2004
The lead singer of Nirvana, a truely wonderful man who influenced a generation. Sung such great songs as "Smells Like Teen Spirit", "Im Bloom", "Heart-Shaped Box" and "Lithium". The man who inspired me to pick up a guitar and to try and write songs of my own, and form a small band with some friends. He died before his time, wether is was by suicide or if someone killed him, the sad fact remians that he is no longer with us. He was one of the musical giants of our time, and is greatly missed.
Girl 1: Hey, Smells Like Teen Spirit is on the radio!!
Girl 2: Crank it up, I wanna hear Kurt sing. =D
by Rhyinna Keller December 29, 2004
Seemed cool, never knew him personally so I will just say "seemed". Wrote and sang good music. I like his band's songs.
I hate when people think/say he was/is God or Jesus. He was a human and would most likely want to be remembered as a regular person. Let us all at least respect that.
by Jacky December 29, 2004
The last most important musician of the generation. Frontman of the rock band Nirvana. His songs touched souls, and still do today. He will always be remembered.
R.I.P. Kurt....u changed music forever.
by nirvanafanforever January 30, 2005
The man...the myth...the legend. Tormented soul, turning his own angst into beautiful melodies. Blindsided by "love" literally.
"never met a wise man. if so it's a woman"
by Mikey B. November 22, 2003
Kurt Cobain was born on February 20 1967, in Hoquaim, a small town southwest of Seattle. His family moved to Aberdeen, and his parents would get divorced. He had a dysfunctional childhood - or, indeed, life - from there on out. He left Aberdeen for Olympia, where he formed the band Nirvana. The sudden success and critical acclaim of the band that would eventually come floored him. In Feburary 1992 he'd marry Courtney Love, who was already pregnant with his child, Francis Bean Cobain. On April 5th Kurt Cobain died, apparently by his own hand. The death was offically ruled by a suicide, although fans and conspiracy theorists alike speculate upon the subject to this day. He left behind a musical legacy with Nirvana that has yet to be rivaled.
"I'm doing an analysis of Kurt Cobain's lyrics from Nirvana for class."
by G. March 23, 2005
Kurt Cobain, along with Nirvana, changed the music industry drastically in that they ended the Metal era of the 1980's and influenced the modern bands we hear today.

Most people would like to talk about his death, if he was killed, if he committed suicide, etc, and this very fact alone might have made him a legend to many people. But to me, he's a legend because he made great influential music. Music that rock wouldn't survive without. Nirvana is the core and heart of the rock body. Embrace him, not his death.
Kurt Cobain was the singer of Nirvana.
by foam December 24, 2004
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