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kurofai is the relationship/ pairing of kurogane and fai d. flourite from the anime and manga Tsubasa by clamp. kurogane obviously being the seme and fai as the uke. they make such a sweet souple its not even funny. with fai's constant teases and nicknames for kurogane and kurogane's constant worrying over fai. the vampire angst helps out too.
"if you want him to go with you, if you wish for it with all your heart..."
-tomoyo's words to kurogane

"that's why i cant forgive him... if i do forgive him... i'll be even closer to him..."
fais words about kurogane

kurofai is life!
#kurofai #kurofye #kurofay #fai #d #flourite #kurogane #tsubasa #clamp
by darkfirekitty May 13, 2008
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