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1. One of the main characters in Alex Haley's 1974 Reader's Digest story series "Roots."
2. One of the main characters in Alex Haley's 1976 book "Roots: Saga of an American Family."
3. One of the main characters in Alex Haley's 1977 ABC miniseries "Roots," which chronicles the lives of Kunta Kinte and his descendents. The young Kunta Kinte was played by LeVar Burton and the older Kinte was played by John Amos.
4. An African-American that lived in the 1700s. As a teenager, Kinte was captured in Africa by white slavers, taken across the Middle Passage, sold into slavery in Spotsylvania County, Virginia, USA, and renamed "Toby." Kunta Kinte is Alex Haley's great great great great-grandfather.
"Kizzy, don't you forget Kamby Bolongo mean 'river.'"
by asodimasdiomwioe June 14, 2004
1. Gang bangin hard core homie nigga from roots, also known as "Toby" by the nice toobob, learned his place in society after many lashings.

2.Slur used by white suburban teens to degrade members of the black race.
Nice White Man: "Say your name nigger!"

Toby: "Kunta kinte"

Nice White Man: "Your name Toby boy."

*white man lashes*

Toby "Toby sir."
by Chicken George August 14, 2004
A African American child who was a slave...this is most commonly used by white people to piss of black people and if you ever call a black person a mothafuckn kunta kinte they will most likely beat the dog shit out of you my advice is to NEVER in yo damn life call a BLACK person a KUNTA folks crazy as hell....dont act like you don't know
Kunta kinte.....

Enough said you bout to get yo mf ass beat
by AlexandriaLUV15 May 15, 2015
When the slave kunta kinte attempts so many escapes he got the shit beat out of him. Street term basically Is what you say after someone got fucked up real bad in a fight...
Yo man that dude be looking like kunta kinte after that fight bruh walking around with a limp and shit now..
by Jeffrey dahmer April 27, 2014
a naked black man who hunts the white jews of canada
All hail akuntakinte, hunter of the jews!!!!ala lalalalalal
by Daniel Radcliffe March 15, 2005
The act of having doggystyle sex with a girl on her period. Then taking ones hand and wiping the blood off of her vaging,and striping it across her back to give her the appearance that she has just been whipped.
Not only did I get my red wings... i gave that skank a Kunta Kinte
by half insane April 23, 2009
A deceptive proper noun used to call someone a Cunt. Most commonly used in the workplace or in formal environments to verbally deviate around much stronger, flavorful words.
Joe: Ya, Jane pisses me off
Jake: I know right? She's such a Kunta Kinte.
Joe: lolwtf?!?!
by BrownCobraCommander October 27, 2008
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