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pronunciation /kum-'BUU-chuh/
etymology - accidental misspelling of kombucha from the System of a Down song "Sugar"; Korean - Kom (Doctor of some sort) + bucha (a Japanese herb)

(masc.) A wickedly sarcastic and insanely intelligent virtual entity noted for razor sharp wit and uncanny common sense and candor. Most commonly visaged as a big black cat, with the occasional appearance as a skinny white former ballet dancer. Well known for outrageous one-liners and obscure comedic references, the kumbucha is most comfortable demonstrating practical uses of general semantics and linguistics, and is adept at relating psychological, sociocultural-anthropological, and sociological interpretations of online behaviour. As a virtual presence, it is often best not to take the kumbucha too seriously, lest ye be drawn into a convoluted debate over the ineffectiveness of one's debating tactics.

Also known as: Big Bad K; the da Vinci of Sarcasm; Kum; Kumblotch; kizzle bizzle
Kumbucha's on a flame rampage again! You just gawt PWND!!!
by Jey Smith October 25, 2006
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