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Kumari tends to be a girl name. It originates from Asia, and means 'Princess'. She is a girl with many dreams, and high spirits. Kumari is a girl that not everyone will get along with but will try her best to. She is a sex goddess, and chooses her men very wisely. She tends to get a lot of attention from boys, but they are never her type. Kumari also has a slight rudeness about her that everyone know's is there. People tend not to get on the wrong side of her, because they know the outcome will not be pleasant! Kumari has long eyelashes and dark brown eyes. Her skin is as smooth as a babies bottom. She tends to have dark hair, but might dye it when she is older. Kumari is one of the most amazing people you will ever meet, she inspires people in all kinds of ways. If u ever have a friend like her, I would make sure you hold onto her, because u won't find anyone like her. There is always that one person that Kumari will never get on with;she will have dreams about beating up that person.

Kumari is one of a kind.
Wow I didn't think I would ever meet anyone like Kumari

I just had sex with Kumari and it was like never before

How does Kumari get all the fit boys!
by Oh k den blud October 22, 2013

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