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Ancient franco nordic game, involving varying sized wooden blocks, and a "deuece king". enjoyed greatly by Mr Vegas of "heads high" fame. popular in sweden and bristol, uk. can be pronounced "koob".
lets kubb it up
deuce king vegas, deuce king
a light dawns...
by Mr. Vegas November 09, 2004
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An ancient games involving throwing blocks or 'Kubb's'(can be pronounced 'koobs' or 'carlubes'. Its origins may be Franco but the majority of scholars insist it’s of Nordic descent
Koob me up with Capri Sun and send me to Vegas
by Nick Baldwin November 25, 2004
A ferocious blowjob by an Asian man. Usually of Chinese descent.
Zhao gives a mean Kubb. I couldn't even walk when he was done.
by Dwdist July 27, 2014

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