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a nickname you can call your friends when they-
-run cross country (and are good at it!)
-thoroughly enoy all types of oreos
-are indian or (native american, which really isn't the correct term is you think about it...)
-are weird and crazy but somehow people like it
-have amazingly gorgeous features
-rock the drums on rockband
-born in the month of june
-are crazy 95% of the time
-likes using words like homeslice, homeskillet, dawg, homes, etc.
-when they type on the keyboard it sounds like a frantic thunder storm
-two words- SUE SYLVESTER
-loves to take naps while watching Law & Order
-is weird about lending out clothes
-is a neat freak
-paints their toes purple for only one reason...
-always needs a pencil
-screams at their siblings to take showers. NOW!
-is addicted to facebook
snap! did you just see that ksizzle run that 1600?!
by sauce1205 April 04, 2010
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