A dancing style not dissimilar to how a mountain goat might react whilst undergoing extensive knee surgery. The 'krumper' experiences no pain however, unless they are skilled in the art of clowning, the audience may feel like they have just been munged.
I feel no hesitation in crowning him king of the goats, for his krumping efforts are truely supreme.
by Nathaniel88 November 13, 2007
The most undignified, retarded form of 'dancing' that exists. Resembles the 'krumper' possibly being electrocuted, convulsing like an epileptic or just looking like a complete twat.
Krumping: Wear some over-sized clothes, crap jewellery and try and act like the biggest fuckwit imaginable, and you are on the krump bandwagon.
by Your common sense. July 16, 2007
Rapidly shaking your booty while dressed like a clown.
The dancers in the video Hey Mama are krumping so hard they look like their asses might fly off.
by Yipching June 20, 2004
Like Stripper Dancing and Clown dancing, but more tribal, more intense movements, spirtual, more gritty.
We stay Krumping in the hood, fuck hollywood
by s1parkle November 01, 2005
1. Dancing like a fucking retard while having a live electric cable shoved up your ass.
2. A bizarre and painful form of dancing where a mental patient shakes his/her body violently after being lobotomized.
"That muthafucka be doing some mad crazy krumping while he out there holding that wire hanger in the middle of that heavy electrical storm."
by Hammerstrike June 29, 2005
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