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The substance which resides on the bottom of one's asshole, formed by a mixture of old remaining feces, dried up male love seed and the fluffy remains from underwear. Recent developments in anal science have concluded that kruft is the main cause for an itchy anus. Vaseline comes in handy to ease the itch and prevent the eager to dig in the asshole.
Herbert: "Please try to pull out in time, i cannot handle another kruft attack!"
Bob: "How do I remove this terrible itch on my anus?"
Doctor: "Either wipe your ass, block you asshole for intimate male encounter, or stop wearing underwear."
by Rogier K July 26, 2008
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An "Out of Ego" experience
I felt like kruft today, I was truly in the zone.
by Bobbaloo2 May 05, 2010

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