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Kristin is dark, wears black, and has the best music taste. Kristin doesn't see the good in people. Kristin hates most social interaction and keeps to her self
kristin scares me with her darkness.
by iwinthenobelwar November 29, 2013
4 7
A very slutty girl that loves to suck on the....! Though this slut has a new Bf like every other day, she can be said to be a genius.
"My gf Kristin is a slut :)"

"I got her wasted and a minute later Kristin was giving me head!"

"I'm so glad, I have me a Kristin!"
by sexytravon January 12, 2014
3 8
A psycho bitch/baby factory. Abuses people she's never met for the sole purpose of making herself feel better because she is a high school drop out and teenage mother and, therefore, has never lived the life of a young adult and is jealous of those who do. Strings men along and won't allow them to move on. A bitch.
She's pregnant again? God, she sounds like Kristin.

That bitch needs to take care of her kids and leave me alone. She's so much like Kristin.
by sleepyby April 09, 2009
13 56
Another word for slut.
"Stop being a Kristin!"
by Memeneme November 22, 2011
20 87
ugliest girl you'll meet. most awful girl ever. may seem nice, then she's the worst thing you've ever seen. she burns your eyes.
boy: have you met kristin?
other boy: no brah, don't wanna.
boy: yeah broseph, she's so hideous
other boy: i know, she smells like shit
boy: whatta kristin
by jbiebzlover5126 August 06, 2011
15 162