1) - A drunken bastardization Christendom, Kristendom is as much a metaphorical concept as it is a geographic location, both of which are heavily dependant upon mass consumption of alcohol.
- A place where, upon closing the front door, a middle-aged man wearing NASCAR stretch-pants will appear and yell “Don’t slam the damn door”
- The home of one of the fiercest sinks in existence
- The housing of the art pieces of John Sanders.
-The stomping grounds of Kristen (hence the name)
- A near endless supply of beer
- A lovely place to pass out
-The finest place in all of Fredonia, if not the planet
- It's shiny/awesome
"What have you been up to the last few days?"
"I don't remember... I was at Kristendom"


"You didn't come home last night"
"Yeah, I passed out at Kristendom"
by fredonia student April 09, 2006
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