Usually a girl who has a problem keeping her legs closed. Likes to mess around with other men. Very ugly, usually has a big nose. Usually has arms as big as a man's. Believes people are scared of her and that shes "crazy", and most people laugh in her face about this "idea". She can't find a man of her own, so she goes out to steal others. Doesn't last long- they fuck her and leave back to their women! Usually an ugly, trashy, pathetic woman...with plenty of STD's
John: I fucked Krissy last night
Chris: What is wrong with you man, your going to get something?
John: I used a condom

Chris: Should have used five.
by HoeHater2345 May 02, 2009
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a word that can be used to substitute the word sexy
wow did u see that krissy ass earlier
by conrad the mad January 26, 2008
Often a quiet, antisocial, passionate and induvidualistic girl. Strong sense of character and morals, attracted to the arts, such as dance and drama, and is very open minded. Tendancy to appear odd or angry as to only attract people who really care to know her. Appearance: very likely the most beautiful creature on earth. A warning to those who fall in love with her- studies have yet to see anyone get over Krissinitis.
"With out Krissy I am a flower with out the sun; an endless night, only to see her in my dreams, I am a wilted flower on a lone mountain that is my love."
by flower with no sun July 07, 2009
a loveable , caring , enthusiastic , pretty , outgoing christian.They are always there for her friends and will mess up anyone who hurts them.They can fight so step out of there way or your in for some trouble!
Guy 1:Dang she know how to fight she look good too.
Guy 2:She must be a Krissy!!!!
by hifghfzfho May 25, 2009
A girl you can't help but to love.
Krissy, I just love loving you!
by teitsujily March 31, 2010
a fat hoe with bad teeth and a fupa breath smells like ass. Sucks ass. Is a fat girl. Generally fucks the crew
Damn Krissy is such a thot
by fufujackie January 24, 2015
Krissy- a gorgeous, clever, original, unique, friendly, lovely, generous, kind, ethereal, sparkling and delicate, yet strong creature. Massively hilarious and stupendously delicious.. Krissy's can burn an onlookers eyes with her beauty. Usually long tumbling blonde hair, blue or green eyes, and long delicate limbs. Her foot steps are like a fairy's and her humor and laugh like a sprite. She is a lioness that will bite off the head of her enemies as many are jealous of her appeal. Her breath is sweet like honeydew melon and her spontaneous manner keeps all friends and lovers interested for life. She doesn't care what you have to say about her, she inhales and exhales it out like a yoga move and goes on with her life. A truly mysterious creature, even her best friends never really truly know her through and through.
Emma: I wanna be a Krissy
Kate: Me too!!!!
Emma: I love her!!!
Kate: Me too!
by kateyloveskrissy December 20, 2011
An extremely cute and adorable little thing. She has a cute little pig nose and point little elf ears. She is very insecure about these features though. Krissy refuses to date anybody which is quite unfortunate because everyone is lining up to date her. She's also very smart and athletic. Krissy is in all the top honors classes and also plays softball. If you ever happen to meet her, hold onto her and never let go. Anyone who has her in their life is a very lucky person and should be grateful that you have her in your life.
Who's that really cute girl over there?

That's just Krissy.
by stashio833 May 28, 2014

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