Kris Roe is the lead vocals for the band The Ataris, which started in 1995. and he IS the hottest guy alive!!
by Abby Richardson October 01, 2003
Top Definition
Is very talented and awesome, and is one of the best musicians in my book. Too good for little teeny boppers to say how "kute" he is or whose he is. Um... he has a wife. Denice. Heh sorry kiddos, i think you should check out simple plan or something.
Kris Roe kicks ass
by Nightmares_Win66 April 11, 2004
Lead singer of the pop punk band The Ataris....and, according to my friend, the hottest lead singer in the world.
Look....its Kris Roe!!! He's SOOOOO DREAMY!!! Oh, and the Ataris rock too...
by Emily K. July 03, 2003
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