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Krezip was a Dutch band from Tilburg, formed in 1997. It is notable for the band member's young ages during their original breakthrough. Since then, the band has had several successful albums and singles in the Benelux countries (Belgium, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands). The origin of their name remains unclear, though a popular explanation is that the name is an anagram of "perzik", the Dutch word for "peach".
Did you see the Krezip concert last night? Jacqueline's voice was amazing!
by Mercury Zebra May 04, 2011

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band crap dutch music netherlands perzik shit zip zipper
Literaly rectal openening. Also used as synonym for a mouth that talks shit.

The word comprises from the terms 'crap' and 'zipper' which in the speaking vocabulary contracts to 'krezip'
You Krezip! Shut it or i'll stick it where the sun don't shine.
by Vreylinck May 31, 2008