Top Definition
a typo taht sounds cool.
used byhte spork, who sit he only knwon person fluent in spork.
the krefdagshe is superior to velocd
by spork14 January 14, 2004
the ultimate typo

the word it is supposed to be is known only by Spork; Queen of Typos.
krefdagshe can not be put in an example :o
by projectGenesis January 22, 2004
The typo Queen; also known as The Spork, The Foon's secret lover.
Uh... kref...dag....she......?
by ehsgadferk February 05, 2004
Someone who in inept at being as cool as velocd.
Hah, kinto'un is such a krefdagshe.
by Jesus February 05, 2004

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