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A person who lives down the street. A neighbor or other aquaintance with whom you socialize.
Honey, why don't we invite the Kreellers over to play cards on Saturday night.

God Dammit! the Kreelers dog shit on my lawn again!
by Scammer Steve April 05, 2008
Kreeller \kree-ler\ n., pl. –s, 1. One who brings the party. 2. Purveyor of craic. 3. One who fervently pursues great music and good times.
Are you a kreeller?
This party needs a couple of kreellers.
by PBruno March 05, 2008
One who is unable to close the deal.
That chick was all over me, ready to go, but then I kreellered.
by It's all up here... April 15, 2008
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