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Often spelt as Kree or Cree this high pitched cry strikes fear into the hearts of even the most bold bathroom goers. The act of performing kreeh must be decided between two or more participants and involves a distracting physical engagement of sorts while the other party is urinating. The act of the game is to create as much carnage as possible until the urinator has given up. You may not kreeh when the urinator is properly dressed on in an important venue or with an important associate.You may not kreeh someone while they defacate or perform other actions in the bathroom. By kreehing another you have involved yourself in the game. Kreeh is mainly played by males as it is still undiscovered how one would kreeh a female. There are no ways to counter a kreeh unless the participant agrees to kru. Happy Hunting.
I snuck up behind him and KREEEH

I win, I had the last Kreeh Tejada
by Luinis Mok June 19, 2008
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