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Yarr! tha pirate!
Krash jumped off the cliff
by Bob July 25, 2003
1. Proper Noun

2. Create any sort of unprevoked comotion.
When he go on the bus he cried like a wookie; And acted as nothing had happened.

"You shoulda seen what KrasH did earlier."
by Grandmaster KrasH December 13, 2007
KRASH...(proper spelling) a dude on mx working his way up...bad computer grammer...supposedly always negative...depressed
...I give you a pat on the back, just lye under a cow with your back and up you'll get one sooner or later.

KRASH:your not a cow you cant give me a pat on the back!
by dude-with-no-right-ear May 05, 2005
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