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being blindsided and having your face broke
I was at this party and some one krafted me
by tony November 24, 2003
19 16
apparently the way america spells cheese
"America spells cheese k-r-a-f-t."
by xInsipidx June 07, 2005
53 21
A company that makes a wide variety of cheese related products.
When I eat cheese, it is likely made by Kraft.
by Cytriko April 03, 2004
49 23
The stupid cheese company that fucks up my god damn last name. Everyone automatically thinks it's spelled "Kraft" when it's really spelled Craft. I fucking hate it.
Sweet, a check for 20,000 dollars! Oh wait, fuck! They spelled my name wrong. It's not Kraft, it's Craft. SHIT!
by 07pr12 September 27, 2010
21 12
Kan't Remember A Fucking Thing.
"I know you say we discussed this, but I just KRAFT."
by TangoWhiskey69 July 12, 2013
3 0
Su Familia de Sabor
Kraft Macaroni and Cheese Dinner
by Loveboat Starfish May 24, 2004
15 16
An intelligent, funny, and rather atheltic individual. An amazing friend that none can compare to. Wise beyond his years, bound to get into a top college. A fabulous friend. There's no one like Kraft anywhere.
One of a Kind
24 33