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A very cool person. Most often a hot male with extreme skills in everything. Often used as a compliment.
Girl: "That guy is so hot and totally awesome, a real koyo!"

Boy: "I wish I was a koyo like that guy."

"You are such a koyo"
by Nick34 January 13, 2007
Someone who indulges himself in junk food. Has jungle fever every day that is divisible by 1. He might possess some physical features of the late Kim jung Il. if you ask him a question he is likely to respond "I knoe, I knoe, I knoe". He will try to tell you that he is korean, but do not fall for his trick, he is 100% japanese. He has DSL. If you come across his computer beware it is super slow, possible indicating a high usage of pornographic materials mainly consisting of, in the words of a koyo "big black booties and tities so black it's like the night sky". He is a fan of harry potter and likes to dress as hermione and pretends to marry ron. PS he might have a roommate named ron.
Person 1: hey Koyo can you pass the ball over here?
Koyo: I knoe, I knoe, I knoe
by Randy Marsh III November 11, 2013
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