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persian for idiot. It is a vulgar way (street language) of saying stupid. it litteraly means crazy pussy. I don't know why we use the word pussy in everything but it must have 10000 year old root cause.
-Could there be a bigger koskhol than you?
-stop your koskhol bazi (fooling around) and get your ass over here
#idiot #stupid #bozo #divouneh #mashang #aldang
by koskhol December 30, 2005
A person who is crazy, or a freak, or is interested in strange things, such as jumping from an airplane with no protection or security.
"Don't Worry about him, he is Kos Khol"
#kos #kos khol #farsi #persian #crazy
by MMary August 11, 2006
"kos" is the slang Persian word for "vagina", and "khol" is the informal Persian for "eccentric"/"stupid"/"wacko". "kos-khol" /k(something between schwa and c:)skc:l/ is a person who is easily cheated or abused; is a freak who is completely unpredictable and is capable of doing any strange thing like flying a kite out of his/her ass, for instance; has completely no clue of what is going on. The English equivalents for "kos-khol" can be "a jackass", "a douche-bag", "a sucker", "a freak", or maybe a "dork"/"geek". Below I put a famous expression using "kos-khol" notion.
"mage koset khole/mage koset khol shodi?"
Literally in English: "Is your vagina stupid/wacko?", only used by men means, "Are you out of your mind?"

"kosesh khole."
Literally in English: "His/Her vagina is stupid.", only used by men means, "He/She is stupid/eccentric/..."

"Khos-kholo nigash kon. Bejaye inke sandalisho bekeshe jolo dare Piano ro mikeshe tarafe khodesh."
English: "Look at the douche-bag! Instead of moving the stool closer to the Piano, he is pushing the Piano closer to the stool."

"Agha, hamamoon kos-khol shode boodima. Vas khatere peikas inkararo kardim. Harke bebine fek mikone ma gay im!!"
English: "Guys, we all totally went out of our minds. The drinks caused all these things. Whoever sees these would think we're gay!!"

"Be oon dadashe kos-kholetam salam beresoon."
English: "Say hello to that jackass brother of yours too."
#kos #khol #vagina #pussy #cunt #whispering eye #wacko #whacko #stupid #jackass #douchebag #freak #dork #geek #eccentric #sucker
by Persian Headbanger January 29, 2010
kos menas pussy and khol means crazy
together we get some1 carzy and do some crazy and stupid stuff
yaro koskhol e
he's koskhol
#kos khol #kos #koskhol #divoone #kosmaghz #crazy
by bakhtyar July 11, 2008
the exact meaning in english is " Dickhead "
yaro koskhole: he's a dickhead
#divooneh #mongol #oskol #gagool #ong
by Toulani March 17, 2009
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