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Also known by the name "shook yong", koro is a mental disease prevalent among East Asian males, the symptoms of which are chiefly an irrational fear that the subject's "membrum virile" will disappear up into his body.

Sufferers often resort to the use of elaborate clamps or clasps to alleviate the fear.
Huang would not let go of his pecker -- he was having a koro attack, and feared that it would get sucked up into his body if he let go.
by succulentboi August 23, 2004
A korean or korean-like person, usually a female, most likely a babe.
"whoah, look at those koro broads, gus"
by Sam X Rogers December 27, 2008
A fuck useless fuck wit. Usually found playing Ja and other things. We like to pay him out on a regular basis.

Dt out
1)Koro you are a useless fuck!

2) As if your busy you ignorant fuck.
by DT March 29, 2004
A word i heard in my pyschology lesson from my teacher sam rogers. It is the disease in which the penis grows inward causing spontaneous combustion
it was cold, alex noticed that his penis had started to shrink, his penis then went inside himself and he died.
by john smith November 09, 2004
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