1.Verb. Violent way to fingerbang a dirty chick by using two fingers and enter and exit her with ferocious intent in a motion like a lumberjack sawing a log. Works best to get your shoulder into it.
2.lumberjacking is the act of taking your penis and slapping it across someone's face when they are or arent sleeping
1.Dude man, i totally gave that swamp donkey from the bar last night a real kori.
2.HAHAHA last night Ross gave you a Kori and it left a red mark on ur face! LOL
by Nat March 20, 2005
Top Definition
noun - (pronounced ko ree)perfect; perfection in every sense of the word thus more complicated than life itself
Kori is the result of a complex mathematical equation that can't be calculated by the human mind.
by Tybalt Salazar (Sherwin, Jon) September 14, 2006
She's Not a Penis!

Shes a gorgeous outstanding woman, that can sometimes be an air head.
She has a lot of love to give when you accept her into your life. Though boys be warned she doesn't notice when the males are interested, though her love is innocent and pure
Her humor is different but will leave you laughing til you cant breath.
Sometimes she can be scary but shes a push over especially if you make her laugh.
She's super artistic and loves to doodle inside Jokes.

Everyone needs a Kori
I wanna draw like Kori.
by RainbowNoodle July 24, 2011
1. One sexy ass mothafucka. Usually with beautiful blue eyes and long eyelashes, dark hair (usually pretty long). Fun sized (not short). Happens to say grand. quite frequently.

WARNING: you will fall in love.

2. My big black nuts.
1. Oh man check out that fine piece o' ass, she HAS to be a Kori.

2. Suck. On my Koris.
by asianboiiiii July 20, 2010
The Japanese word for ice,
Go see the Obihiro Kori Festival in Hokkaido!
by Melon Fellow July 15, 2009
pervert, one that knows many dirty words,
Kori taught me what the 3fs ment today
by Dont mess with me STUPID December 09, 2010
A rather obnoxious girl who isn't afraid to speak her mind when it comes to fashion. She likes a man with good fashion sense. To get a kori you must dress a certain way. Ex: a pair of nice crocs, a sweater vest, and pinstripe pants accented with a lovely scarf.
Tim: damn mike how do I get kori to like me?
Mike: dress in a pair of top notch crocs and maybe wear a sweater vest and scarf
Tim: great idea. I'm pretty sure she will shit her pants when she sees I can afford the highest quality brands of crocs, sweater vests, and scarfs.
by Fabulous6789 January 15, 2013
A strong black women with love for all. One of a kind.
Kori Chapman a name which defies weakness.
by Michael Chapman March 14, 2005
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