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The best barbecue there is. The food is cooked right in front of you on a searing metal grill.
Korean BBQ is AMAZING. Who couldn't enjoy stuff like bulgolgi and galbi?
by sega31098 July 31, 2013
2 1
When you lather up your balls with hot sauce and have a girl go to town on them.

The hot sauce is preferrably Korean chili garlic sauce to get a good burn, but any old hot sauce will do.
Fuck my balls are itchy from the Korean BBQ with your mom last night.
by koreanbbq July 10, 2009
28 31
A whore house, outside of korea, where the hookers are korean girls.
Me: Hey dude, I'm taking you to the Korean BBQ.

Dude: No thanks, I just ate.

Me: LOL, its a brothel dumb ass! The girls are korean princesses!

Dude: Bring it on! LOL
by Peter McBride October 07, 2007
18 103
Giving a blow job while peeing. Typically in a public restroom with the chick sitting and peeing while simultaneously sucking her partner's cock.
Must have been a 2-for-1 special...last night at the Korean BBQ I got a Korean BBQ.
by Sarah Cohen January 02, 2007
24 136