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A region in East Asia that consists of a peninsula containing the two nations of North and South Korea. Previously a sovereign nation as a single entity known as "Chosun" in the vernacular prior to the Japanese occupation in the early 1900's.

Note: The other two definitions for "Korea" as of this writing are idiotic and not even close to being humorous. I can't believe no on has written a definition geographic location, leaving these two retards up here (maybe its one retard) to call Korea a minefield and a drug. Ignorant fucks piss me off.
Historically, Korea has been subject to over 700 invasions over the course of its history due to its inconvenient location as a peninsula with China to its north and west and Japan to its east. Not to mention that it is surrounded by water on three sides with China at its northern border.
by KPride April 21, 2006
Home of the world's largest minefield.
"Now that you guys got back together, sorry about that huge self-healing minefield."

-US President to Korea, circa 2025
by PeaTearGriffin February 14, 2006
One of the best places in Asia, home of some of the best Asian singers, home of the awesomest people on earth, and of course... the best food!

Korean Singers/Bands:
Super Junior
Fly To The Sky
Wonder Girls
SNSD (Girls Generation)
Epik High
Big Bang
F.T. Island

Korean Food:

The official language of Korea is Korean or Hangul (한글) and there is North Korea and South Korea.
North Korea is the one with Kim Jong Il and nobody from North Korea is allowed to leave their country with the exceptions of Kim Jong Il's family. (So save yourself from stupidity and don't ask some random korean person you know if they are from North Korea or South Korea because if they were from North Korea, they would most likely be dead. And so would you).
South Korea is the one with a lot more freedom, great cities and a beautiful island called Jejudo Island (or Jeju). There is a PC Room and a Karaoke Room on almost every block and you can get great food even on the stands in the streets such as gaeranbang, boonguh bang, and tteukbokki instead of just boring hot dogs like New York.

In short, Korea is the best place on earth you can ever be in and if your state doesn't have a Koreatown, its not an official state.
Person 1: Wow that girl is so awesome!
Person 2: Oh, she must be from Korea!
by biatchblondex33 March 16, 2009
The Yankees who go mad the country of the themselves the country which it thinks.
The Yankee is not a brain.
by ezam September 03, 2003
A place in asia where people play starcraft alot
ahh so much korean on b.net
by jackaman May 09, 2006
1. country in east asia that has the most plastic surgery in the world (brazil is #2), which explains why koreans look beautiful; they all get face lifts. This is why kpop girls are so cute.

2. country in east asia whose inhabitants (koreans) think they are better than all other asians and all other races in the world

3. country whose inhabitants have a 80% chance of their last name being 'kim'
welcome to korea, plastic surgery capital of the world
by strawberryfields4eva December 25, 2010
One of countries of Asia beside China and Japan. For 5000 years, RULED by Korean kings and presidents. Has great language called, Korean that allows you to pronounce words that both Chinese and Japanese cannot say.

There is myth that Koreans are desperate for Kimchi, but the reality is absolutely different since some Koreans hate Kimchi for some reasons.

If you are a North Korean, "too bad because of your freaking communist country. lets see how good you can live with your Kim- Jung Il."

If you are a South Korean, "Well... at least you don't have to follow a midget."
Let's try to say "MacDonald" in three different languages!!

First Chinese
- Ma Do No

Second, Japanese
- Ma Gro Na Ri Do

Last, Korean
- Mac Do nal D

Well... true that when some Koreans try to pronounce "sheet", they pronounce as "Shit".
by ken lim May 27, 2008
A country that, in World War 2, was divided by Soviet Russia and the United States without the consent of the people. As a result, the north half is now a communist dictatorship where a midget named Kim Jong Il is playing with nukes. In addition, south koreans are distrustful and unappreciative of the U.S. troops within Korea. Nearly as sad as wat happened in Iraq. Contrary to the belief of many chinese people, Korea was not part of china. Part of China was the northernmost part of Korea.
Chinese guy: Ummm... Korea was all under Chinese rule once. Yeah.
American guy: Uhh, not really. Btw, when will u stop being communist?
Chinese guy: Umm..... For teH ReD ArMy!
American guy: Just go back to working at the Panda Express.
by BushNeedsToLearnToSpellNuclear January 18, 2007