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To fuck
Do you want to go koosh in my parents bedroom?
by brandon geiger September 28, 2003
A whore who acts oblivious to why people call her a whore while she keeps acting whory.
Jen: Omg! Why does everyone say I'm a whore??!!
Eric,John, and Brad : Can you please go back to sucking our dicks you fuckin Koosh.
Jen: mmmmmmkay
by Kooshfucker9000 January 10, 2011
To drink one's own pee.
I walked in on my roommate kooshing a few years ago. To this day, he still denies it.
by kooshdrinkshisownpee May 27, 2005
slang for the word "vagina"
"that's a mighty nice koosh"
by deet March 19, 2004
a frized out or poofy set of hair, either on the head or vaginal area of a slut.
Christina is a koosh
by meagan July 24, 2004