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A person who does not use proper grammar and spelling to add a comment to the urban dictionary.
Slopass is a dumfuck for using the term "Your a dumfuck" rather than "You're a dumfuck".
by deet March 19, 2004
WOW! Lou is the coolest, with those glasses and 6 chins. He knows his music, considering O-Town is the best in the biz. He is the boy-band legend. He is everyone's liquid dream.
"O-Town was the instant band founded by boy-band genius LOUS PEARLMAN!"
by deet January 10, 2004
A place to hang out when creating deep dark music
Kickin' it at "Afternight"
by Deet March 17, 2004
Unusually obsessive O-Town fan who is especially fond of it's founder ( boy band genious LOU PEARLMAN!). She enjoys basketball, softball, singing old pop songs from 1998, pretending to be other people online, prank phone calls with kaitlin and karen, milk drinker, grinding with kirsten and milk drinker (he doesn't know it though), and who thinks Kansas is the shiz.
Kaymac's milkshake brings all the boys to the yard!
by deet January 10, 2004
To be more awesome than awesome itself. a Mitchell(ism)
"Incredimail is alsome!"
by Deet March 17, 2004
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