To drink one's own pee.
I walked in on my roommate kooshing a few years ago. To this day, he still denies it.
by kooshdrinkshisownpee May 27, 2005
Top Definition
Another word for marijuana that you can't get in trouble in school for saying.
P1 to P2: Do you have any kush.
Teacher to P1: What did you say?
P1: Koosh.
by Swiggitymyniggity November 10, 2014
A whore who acts oblivious to why people call her a whore while she keeps acting whory.
Jen: Omg! Why does everyone say I'm a whore??!!
Eric,John, and Brad : Can you please go back to sucking our dicks you fuckin Koosh.
Jen: mmmmmmkay
by Kooshfucker9000 January 10, 2011
The word that can be used as a replacement for anything.
I got so kooshed last last.

That car is so koosh
Let's get kooshed tonight

How about me,you and some koosh.

How about me,you and bottle of koosh.

I'm so kooshed. (Tired,drunk,fucked up,I'm hungry,ready)

**this word can replace anything **
by Jkooshed January 28, 2016
slang for the word "vagina"
"that's a mighty nice koosh"
by deet March 19, 2004
To fuck
Do you want to go koosh in my parents bedroom?
by brandon geiger September 28, 2003
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