A type of food. Originated from Hong Kong. It has a very unique taste to it. Although it has many flavours, the most popular ones are caramel and strawberry.
I love the kookies you baked me
by m.c. May 05, 2003
A way to characterize absurd/idiotic/reckless behavior exhibited by urban African-Americans (primarily males) without sounding overtly racist.

Kookiness occurs in social/communal settings, and is marked by a lack of regard for common courtesy, with extreme self-delusion in which the kook fancies him/herself as some sort of minor celebrity. Also includes outrageously foward courting rituals, obnoxiously loud car-stereo syndrome, and coveting of material objects e.g. jewlery and basketball shoes.

Kookiness is rooted in compeition; to be the loudest, the flyest, the least respecting of civilized living.

Note "kooky" is not to be held in the particular verbal domain of any particular race, ethnicity, or group. It's not meant to monger hate, but rather make light of a depressing social circumstance-a much preferable, less hateful option to that OTHER word...
Black male driver in a beige Chevy Tahoe riding on oversized chrome rims, the rest of his crew concealed wthin the fully tinted windows. Driver sees group of underage caucasion girls walking down the sidewalk. He sticks his head out the window to gawk at the girls, while shouting an incomprehensible string of pick-ups:


Driver's dreadlocks are shaking as he yells, completely ignoring the road ahead for a full five seconds.

Passing onlooker #1: *Shakes head, discouragingly*
Passing onlooker #2: "That's just downright kooky"
by JazzyJLIFE July 23, 2008
Something cool or exiting. The same as "kookie" but a different spelling
"you're going to the zoo? kooky dude!
by chebby-chubby September 19, 2006

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