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A person(s) dedicated to studying the feeding habits of the species Kong. Best known by the original KING immortalized by movies, and most recently by the direct descendant Kalia immortalized by Summer TV, Kongs are known for their voracious appetite and thorough lack of self awareness.

° PHYLUM Chordata
• CLASS Mammalia
° ORDER Primates
• FAMILY Hominidae
° GENUS Foodus Maximus
While watching Big Brother this year to my astonishment, a member of the Kong species was seen. As a dedicated Kongophile, it was my duty to document, and publish the record. The Kong was seen eating, talking constantly and acting in a manner consistent with lower level primates lacking self awareness. This Kalia Kong also seemed to brag about beating small dogs, and wishes to change her name to Kongielle for some unknown reason.
by BaliaKong October 07, 2011
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