An endearing term for cute male child or a loved one.
koku! u are so cute!
"koku I wish I could eat up your tiny toes"
by Kokni January 02, 2007
Top Definition
A koku (Japanese) is a quantity of rice, historically defined as enough rice to feed one person for one year, then as 180.39 lite
It lets us earn about 330.000 Ryu
per year, equalling 200.000 Koku.
(Kozure Okami 1972)
by Svetlomir Randev March 17, 2005
The act of K-nocking O-out someone of the opposite gender, and proceeding to K-nock U-p said person.
Guy 1:Remember that bitch that I did a koku on?
Guy 2: Yeah, that was great...
Guy 1: Yeah, well she charged me with assault...
by hiphopopotamus March 24, 2008
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