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It's a real place on the map!!! Kokomo is a nice sized city in the heart of Indiana! The Beach Boys didn't exactly lie, just stretched the truth a little bit!!!
You're form Kokomo??? Like the song???
by camdilcy May 19, 2008
Yes, there actually was an island called "Kokomo" just like in the Beach Boys song. Today it's called "Sandals Cay" and is owned by Sandal's Resort. It sits in Montego Bay, Jamaica and holds only a few amenities and primarily caters to couples. It's this very tiny (2 and 1/2 acres) island that they are referring to in their song of the same name.
I heard the Beach Boys made up the name "Kokomo" for the song because they liked the way it sounded in the song.

No, it's a real island off the coast of Jamaica. It just got renamed by it's owners; a resort.
by IPrion July 02, 2011
It seems to be some kind of place in songs where young couples go for romance in a car, a sort of lovers' lane.
Chuck Berry, "No Particular Place To Go": So we parked way out on the kokomo.
Bruce Springsteen, "Asbury Park 4th of July (Sandy)": I saw her parked with lover boy out on the kokomo.
by Bill in Oregon November 19, 2010
The imaginary land told to us by the famous Beach boys in one of their songs that depicts spending a vacation in the paradise of Kokomo.

just a place that makes people ask their travel agents for info on, just to get either a dumb look, a sad face, or a giggling mood in the air.

basically, the beach boys lied to us =/
god damnit! I asked my travel agent about spending a nice sunny vacation in Kokomo but he just laughed and said "haha you wish!"
by dick jackson November 12, 2007
when a straight man sucks a dick for cocaine (cocaine+homo=kokomo) ... not to be mixed up with the beach boys song about the city.
Fred: "i have this blow and a hard on but there are no girls here." Josh: "call over jim he is a kokomo."
by JeM1990 July 28, 2010
verb: Kokomo

To get "Kokomoed" is defined by the act of being run over while lawfully crossing a two way street while bicycling on a Multi Use Path (MUP). More specifically, the action takes place while most drivers are yielding to the cyclist and one (or many) fail to stop in time, trying to squeeze by the right side of the stopped vehicles.

Use: "I got Kokomoed while crossing Yucca Street as I tried to re-enter the MUP in Santa Fe"
by huhenio August 14, 2008
Used to describe the event of having a song stuck in one's head, often one found annoying, insufferable, and universally loathed.

It serves no other purpose than to occupy one's thoughts, aching to be sung aloud, with the intent of infecting other victims, often to fellow shoppers in places such as grocery stores as no one would willingly choose to listen to a kokomo in private.

It is known to ruin lives, personally and professionally.
I could never finish watching "Cocktail" because that stupid kokomo comes on and I could never concentrate on the movie. I then decided to mute it when the song comes on. Man, "Cocktail" sucks.
by Drunken Sir Lee November 17, 2010
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