Usually used to describe someone full of rubbish. Loves to call people noobs. _______'s boyfriend. (to be filled in the future) Capable of chatting online at obscene hours. Possesses a titanic brain. Loves anime and GUNDAM SEED and RGS girls.
Koka: SO KAWAIII!!!!
by pq April 16, 2005
Top Definition
a weirdo and dirty-minded person. likes pretty bio teachers. silent but knows alot of stuff. a person who may be gay, and yet have alot of other affairs. be careful fo such a species! be a koka, you must first study biology.

2.Kokas have many affairs and are capable of breaking the hearts of adams.
by mel April 23, 2005
the hawaiian translation of buttboy
Me: "hey, scott-koka"
Scott: "hey"
by bun-b September 19, 2005
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