To do the Kofi is to play peacemaker during an argument between friends. Often the person doing the Kofi is drunk and incomprehensible creating confusion and chaos. Doing the Kofi at inappropriate times can result in a loss of teeth.
"but out man and stop trying to do the Kofi on us!"

Similar words or phrases include butt in, push your luck, stick your nose in where it doesn't belong, act like a wankpot.

The Boutros Boutros was too much of a mouthful and never gained much popularity.

by Option D July 18, 2008
Top Definition
a black child who is always underestimated; usually in height, abilities, or education

2) successful; rises above odds
What college did u get in
"I got into Harvard, i rele kofi'd my way to the top"
by 24kobeGOAT February 07, 2012
when a persons self worth severely exceeds thier abilities. This is usually done in a manner in which the KOFI has no idea they are actually doing anything incorrect, since it makes perfect sense to them.

KOFI can also be used as anything in place of any negative descriptive word.
Man you really KOFI'd that one up.
If you were any more kofi i would have to fire you.
My kofi car battery is kofi dead dangit!
I just had a bad kofi.
That kofi smells, use the bathroom.
That computer is kofi'd up, can you crack the admin password?
by A Constant Hawk July 31, 2011
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