the act of rape, whereby a man forces a woman to have sex with her, spef. in colorado, where rape is a common occurance for celbrities and the university's football team. also used in surrogate of rape in online gaming for servers that have banned swears.
1. Pharaoh: that dude came outa nowhere and killed all four of us
not-helping: we just got Kobe'd!
Retroit: Kobeeeeee'd!

2. Some women my claim to be Kobe'd, but ussualy it is true
by John Servo June 13, 2004
To have raped someone, esp. an under-aged woman, and then lie about it.
Mark Kobe'd when he told the police that he didn't know the woman who claimed he raped her.
by Anonymous August 14, 2003
the act of receiving oral pleasures, expecting sex, and getting none.
I hooked up with his honey at the club, was thinkin I was goin to hit it, but only got kobe'd
by psiv July 31, 2003
past tense for rape (i.e. raped)
who that NBA player kobe's that white girl....looks like another hate crime
by charlie December 05, 2003
Originating from the recent allegations against basketball star Kobe Bryant, this was taken from the police transcrips during his interview. The "Kobe" is a specific sexual act which the athlete enjoys with his women. The male releases his "product" onto the face of the woman he is with.
We were watching a porn and the asian got Kobe'd.
by Zac October 05, 2004
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