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When you choke in clutch time. Missed over 70 game winners in his career. Over rated. Shooting an airball
Did you see last nights game ? Fisher shot a 3 to tie the game but pulled a KOBE and air balled it.
by La Legend February 03, 2010
3 12
To pull a Kobe means to abandon sex with your attractive minority wife to sleep with a white woman who is ONLY sleeping with you because you have money.
Urban Woman: "Gurl, forget him, he's pullin a KOBE!"

Urban Man: "Naw, I'm not going KOBE, I'm fine at this Urban Club."

White Woman: "Becky, the Lakers are playin tonight, lets get tickets, maybe we can pull a KOBE!"
by Lollypop4u May 03, 2007
17 29
A black guy who is dating a white girl.
Taye Diggs walks down the street with his white wife. You would scream out KOBE ! ! !
by Kennon G. September 14, 2005
65 78
The excamation heard after one skeets on his bitch. Traditionally used after a hj, but not limited to this. Variations include "magic" and "jordan," but these do not carry the same effect as a "KOBE!" It has evolved into more than just a simple cat call, it has become more of a way of life. We live and breath kobe
"gaby just gave me a hand and i couldnt stop the kobe"
just do it? "Just Kobe"
"No more KOBE!!!"
by kobejohnson October 22, 2006
19 34
A great player for the Lakers who cant win without Shaq.
Person 1: Dude Kobe is the bomb, he won MVP and he's gonna be on the olympic team.

Person 2: Yeah. Too bad he got his ass handed to him by Paul Peirce in the finals. Fuck, if only they still had the big man.
by Mikline June 18, 2008
8 30
pronounced KOBE silent E.

A KOBE is a female of the caucasian persuasion.
A MANKOBE is a male of the same persuasion.

The KOBES or MANKOBES can be found shopping for groceries, in parking lots, shopping centers/boutiques etc.

The word is derived from the incident that took place between Kobe (pronounced KO-BEEEE) Bryant and a caucasian female.
"Hey look at that KOBE over there acting stupid as hell."
"That MANKOBE is looking right."
"That is some KOBE stuff right there."
by Lauren Arimah August 26, 2007
1 28
by the way.he dropped 81 pts,thats history and something that Wade,Queen James,Iverson,or no other overrated player in the NBA can do.....

bow down to the mighty #8......bitches
im not sayin that hes the best player ever,but at least recognize Kobe,and show the man some respect
by tha truth teller March 12, 2006
89 123