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"The opposite of being drunk, its as sober as you can ever be. It strips away all the illusion, all the comforting pink fog in which people normally spend their lives, and lets them see and think clearly for the first time ever. Then, after they've screamed a bit, they make sure they never get knurd again" - Terry Pratchett
"If I drink any more coffee I risk being knurd."
by PRAEst76 April 06, 2005
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a drunk nerd
Hey I'm so K-nurd right now!
by Damien Croft December 31, 2008
the original spelling of nerd.
started at MIT as in drunk backwards, saying that nerds are sober.
What a knurd.
by GëkBoy May 08, 2003
code word for being drunk
it is precisely the reverse of "drunk" when spelled backwards
Dude I was sipping on some patron last night, and before I knew it, I was knurd to the maximum power of take.
by Josh Shayefar January 27, 2008
TO GET DRUNK!!!!!!! WOOO HOOOOO (a shitty code name for drunk.....)
dude i want to knurd tonight so badly
by me February 14, 2003
knurd which is drunk backwards, it means the same thing as drunk. its used when people want to say to drunk but dont want people to know. its also sometimes pronouced knurd-d-d-d-d as you may stutter as you would be drunk.
person 1- bruv im so knurd right now
person 2- well im knurd-d-d-d-d
by bulbalot June 28, 2009
It's drunk backwords, its just a code word, like kcuf (fuck) and drater (retard).
Man I was still knurd after last night.

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