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verb; to jump over things that are not meant to be jumped. To hurdle impossible distances both vertically and horizontally.
I knowshoned the shit out of that puddle.
by TruthBringer September 22, 2008
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When someone jumps or hurdles over something or someone, particularly a fully standing cornerback. Embarrasing when performed on anything that is living and breathing.
"Dude, watch me Knowshon this trashcan."
by Vicious Vic September 21, 2008
1.) (verb) To absolutely dominate in ever way to the point where even passersby are crying in fear.
2.) (verb) To try but fail miserably. don't look now, they are all laughing at you.
"Oh man i knowshoned it today at work"
"did you get fired?"
"what!?! no! don't you know what knowshoned means dummy?? You just totally knowshoned that story, ugh"
by fratstar from lagrange October 11, 2011

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