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Quite possibly the best rap group ever grace the face of this earth.
guy 1: yo dug, i been bumpin the konwmads fer dayz
guy 2: word mang, knowmads are the shit
by knowmads4dayz April 08, 2011
1. A person who uses the internet* to accumulate totally random, unbalanced, often overly advanced masses of information with no regard to complete understanding of a subject.

*prior to the internet they used libraries, but the definition has been updated so that those who use libraries are referred to as 'slomads'

2. A person who devoted so much time to learning a single subject that they cannot function in the world.
1. Tim could tell you the current theories about string theory, recite Blake, and nanotechnology advances; so long as you didn't probe his knowledge too deeply you would think he was a genius rather than a knowmad.

2. In the years I have know Tim I cant recall him ever appearing anything but confused if we weren't talking about physics- total knowmad.
by revscrj July 03, 2015
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