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An individual who seeks to discredit another only to ended up looking like a complete loser.
That stupid knoll will get their just deserts for trying to fuck my friend with retarded insults.
by Garbage Cannon January 11, 2009
7 36
The process of arranging like objects in parallel or 90 degree angles as a method of organization.
Yeah that table is pretty well knolled
by tedted July 06, 2011
18 5
Fun, sweet, sensitive and caring but at times can be very stubborn. Extremely handsome. Can bring a smile onto anyone's face. His laugh is infectious. You can't help but to love him.
Knoll is the sweetest boy in the world.
by daisy77 February 05, 2010
22 24
A fat, hairy, white dude who somehow gets a lot of hot girls, primarily by stealing them from other guys. Has a very small penis, in many cases a chode.
"Dude, Knoll stole your girl again?"
"Fuck that Knoll, he keeps flirting with my woman!"
by Kid HAM August 16, 2012
0 3