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To have sex with a girl, usually with the tone of a non-romantic sexual conquest or desire fulfillment.
Mark: You want to be with Emme?
Mike: Hell, no. But that body is banging. I'd knock it down.
Mark: Yup, too true, bro.
by MaverickMan March 04, 2012
6 27
A phrase employed in the Army, ordering soldiers to do push-ups.
MAJ Lim: "Knock it down!"
REC Boa: "Yes Major!"
by sispecwarrior March 19, 2005
73 21
the act of eating out a girl.
person 1: Yo , i had the most amazing time with her last night!

person 2 : woah did you knock it down ?

person 1 : yeah with whip cream !
by iggynacio June 10, 2011
3 25
A way to ask a woman to beat you off.
Honey, look at this morning wood I have, do you want to knock it down?
by Yabun February 05, 2008
16 52
To have sex with a woman. Normally rough sex.
"Hey dawg, that hoe let me knock it down last night."
by To- dawg October 03, 2006
21 57
Used mainly in construction, carpentry and painting to mean "finish the current job before moving on".
worker: you want me to start painting those door jams, boss?
foreman: we're still behind schedule on the garage, let's go ahead and knock it down first.
by T. Barrett July 20, 2006
5 45