a synonym for the word "bitch". basically a way to call someone a bitch to their face without them knowing. also for people who do not curse.
Cass: OMG, you are such a knix!
Kate: What? What's that?
Cass: Nothing....
by sillypuppy April 28, 2011
Top Definition
A person who is really mean, annoying, or hussy-like. If you are frustrated or mad at someone you can call them this without cussing! It's basically a b****, meanie, jerk, etc.
Brooks: Oh my gosh, she was really mean to him.
Catherine: I know, she is such a knix.

Rae: Look at that knix!
Robert: Yeah, that skirt is so short, jeez!
by Classate Bolasseraly March 31, 2010
the ultimate meanie face.

usually dont have the middle name marie
Marie is definitely not a knix!
I know! I love watching phineas and ferb with her while making dutch babies!
by classate Bolasseraly April 25, 2010
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