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Putting a girl down on 1 knee, like she is to be knighted by a king or queen. proceed to slap her in the face repeatedly with your dick, until you finally ejaculate on her face.
"Man last night i was with this fine chick right, and she was on her knees, so i knighted that bitch!"

"this bitch was sucking my dick, but wouldn't shut up! so i knighted that bitch. she learned her lesson"
by brent mike and jesse April 30, 2008
A Counter-Strike Source player known for his almighty power of the banhammer, and also for his godly playing skills with all the guns in the game. Also a clutch player.
Careful of that Knight dude, he'll make a new eye socket in your head with that AWP of his, or he'll bust out his banhammer and hit your ass off of the server permanently.
by Almightyness123 April 20, 2010
The BEST, I mean BEST junior hockey team in CANADA, and the WORLD!! They achieved the title "BEST" by kicking some major ass this year, including Sidney Crosby and the Oceanic. Giving them a shut-out by the tune of 4-0, in the Memorial Cup final to be named 2005 Champions!!
Guy 1: Wanna go to a Knights game tonight?
Guy 2: Who are the Knights??
Guy 1: Dude, you suck when you don't even know who the Knights are!! I definetly don't wanna go with you now!
by Knighter August 24, 2005
A common word used to replace the term 'scene'.
That dinosaur is hella knight.
by Rachel & Brittany September 02, 2005