Putting a girl down on 1 knee, like she is to be knighted by a king or queen. proceed to slap her in the face repeatedly with your dick, until you finally ejaculate on her face.
"Man last night i was with this fine chick right, and she was on her knees, so i knighted that bitch!"

"this bitch was sucking my dick, but wouldn't shut up! so i knighted that bitch. she learned her lesson"
by brent mike and jesse April 30, 2008
the art of a male tapping his penis on the head and shoulders of a suspecting or unsuspecting female, like a knight being dubbed.

knighting can be done after sex to give approval to the female.

knighting can also be done to an unsuspecting female kind of like a raunchier chiefing.
Example 1

guy 1: "i heard you hit it with that chick last night, was she good?"

guy: "good enough to get knighted!"

Example 2

guy 1: "hey man look at that chick, she's totally passed out."

guy 2: "ya, let's chief her"

guy 1: "naw man, lets knight her!"
by nothinggoldcanstay January 16, 2011
The BEST, I mean BEST junior hockey team in CANADA, and the WORLD!! They achieved the title "BEST" by kicking some major ass this year, including Sidney Crosby and the Oceanic. Giving them a shut-out by the tune of 4-0, in the Memorial Cup final to be named 2005 Champions!!
Guy 1: Wanna go to a Knights game tonight?
Guy 2: Who are the Knights??
Guy 1: Dude, you suck when you don't even know who the Knights are!! I definetly don't wanna go with you now!
by Knighter August 24, 2005
A common word used to replace the term 'scene'.
That dinosaur is hella knight.
by Rachel & Brittany September 02, 2005
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