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"Honkey-Safe" way of sayin negro.
Hey Todd...did you notice that man was a (hushed voice) knee-grow?
by ClaxDawg Woof Woof July 02, 2003
65 46
the "save" in which someone says when there is an african american around and happens to hear your racial slurs
white dude-- whats up, my negros?
offended black dude-- SAY WHAT?!
white dude-- i said whats up... my knee grows...
by nicole May 22, 2004
246 78
the reason black people are so tall....because their knee-grows.
hey leroy, do you know why black people are so tall? because their knee-grows!
by tony March 08, 2004
214 71
Also known as negro, this term is a comical way of addressing an African(-American) usually used by the way of writing a letter or on the internet, as common speech would be interpreted as negro.
What the hell? We have a kneegrow on our team. Shit, we lost.
by AnOffshorePrawn December 05, 2007
147 29
knee grows like the basketball
by knee grow jim October 03, 2003
83 35
1:when your knee joint increases in size

2:can also be used as a play on words
1)my knee grows alot

2)Q:why are black people so good a basketball?
A: Cause their knee grows
by Ben Dover June 05, 2005
57 11
Kneegrow: A nickname given to a person of african american descent.
Frank is african american, Frank is black, Frank is kneegrow.
by ~Keyona January 09, 2004
128 96
To act like an idiot
Wayne Gourley acts like a kneegrow
by Beano May 19, 2004
137 106