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southern term for second to youngest child.
My baby is 2,my knee baby is 3, and my first is 5.
by Gunshyne September 16, 2004
An African-American term for the child who stands next to his/her mama's knee, while mama holds the armbaby.
"Se done died when se was a kneebaby. A high wind come and took her breaf away."
by bagitbabe May 16, 2008
pushing your feet up and down on silent manny's knees makes knee babies. her knee's are now up the duff with our knee babies and she is very grumpy about it. don't know why she's grumbling anyway! i have to be the man!
"silent manny do you love our knee babies?"
"no. i dont want anything to do with them"
as said on the train home from manchester...
by Paddy Boom March 20, 2005
a baby that is born through the act of sexual knee intercourse, the kneeing of a girl in the vagina causing secretion of sperm from the knee
she ran into his knee and then had a knee baby
by Mitchbih September 27, 2009