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In a lot of trouble
California is knee deep with Arnold Schwartzenegger running things.
by Mel November 02, 2003
22 16
a long way into something, very involved, mixed up in, stuck in; usually something bad.
i'm knee deep in shit here, i haven't got a clue how to do this.
by Smiff November 03, 2003
139 12
usually ends with the words "in shit"
I dont have time to deal with you assholes, cause I'm knee deep in shit!
by James Bourne November 02, 2003
69 19
Generally deeper that "ankle deep", but always less than "Up to here!"
I sunk that in knee deep, and cracked my nitty nizzle.
by BobbyCanoe November 03, 2003
46 18
In trouble.
Oh man! I forgot to do my (Insert important task)! Boy am I in knee deep!
by Anthony November 01, 2003
27 13
to be in knee deep means to be in a situation to a great extent, generally "knee deep in trouble". It can also be literally knee deep, for instance "knee deep in he dead" from DooM.
by Aratos November 02, 2003
16 3
burried into something, can't get out of the situation or do not want to get out of the situation
I was "knee deep" in some fine ass when my Nextel goes off.........
by crix November 02, 2003
15 9