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kn0xname (-1.103)
kn0x is a bot coded in 1995. kn0x was coded by the computer geek formerly known as

The latest version of kn0x was coded in 1995, after that, knocksimillion died of personal reasons. kn0x is a bot created to tell kids how stupid they are. kn0x rules a lot of web pages on the internet, and he have made a lot of noobs cry over the years. kn0x have lots appearances. The following appearances known for kn0x v3.0.0.0 is


kn0x the bot as a kid
kn0x the 14th year old pre-pubcent kid telling everyone how much they "fail" and how they should GTFO the internet if they cannot spell. kn0x is a Grammer-Nazi and gets a system error when people can't spell, which causes him to break out in fury.


Mature kn0x

At certain points, kn0x acts like a mature person and are very helpfull.


Sorry kn0x

kn0x has been programmed to play mind-games on people. Also called "Social-Engineering" kn0x can make you have complete sympathy with him, and he can make mods unban him over.. And over.. And over.. No matter how manny rules the bot breaks, it will get unbanned.

Nobody knows where kn0x is hosted. People believe that he is hosted somewhere in Denmark or Switzerland.
Guy1: Dude kn0x totally fuckin' owned me, who is that guy?

Guy2: Dude it's a bot..

Guy1: The fuck you on 'bout?

Guy2: Check FOOL! His the founder of the internet clan "MKC" "Making Kids Cry"
by N3KD May 12, 2009
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