An acronym for Kiss My Swag.
Stoopid Girl: I like your music and all but I think you need Soulja Boy on the hook...
Talib Kweli: Girl please. KMS!
Stoopid Girl, dragging on her gum with her talons: Nigga you ain't shit!

Dick Rider: Dude them kicks are too fresh!
The Man: You know This! KMS!
by Kp-Spears June 07, 2009
Top Definition
stands for: kill my self
"If I see her face one more time I am going to kms"
by ghjkdgdkfj December 09, 2007
Stands for kill myself. Used online mostly.
"My mom wouldn't let me get starbucks, KMS."
by EnderGirlx November 01, 2014
kill myself
usually used in a joking manner, not to be taken literal or as a suicidal threat.
Person 1: Hey did you study for the Precalc test today?
Person 2: Ah fuck that's today??
Person 1: Yeah dude, if you didn't study you're literally screwed.
Person 2: shit man, kms!!
by raygillie December 16, 2014
Slang for "kill myself," usually used in a funny or sarcastic way.
OMG did you see that post?! I'm literally going to kms!
by Sexy poopie stinky fart June 28, 2016
A feeling an individual receives or has the urge to die, but die humanly/ plainlessly. Usually when facing something they cannot deal with such as sheer stupidity of people or an exam( that they have no idea what their doing), etc..
A: Hello there classmate. How are you?
B:I am feeling swell.
A:You do know we have a chinese oral tomorrow and we cant bring in a script unless it is in chinese characters only.
*end credits*
by Quasaring June 06, 2016
It stands for kill me silently, usually said after hearing a cringe-worthy joke. It basically represents how unhappy the person is and shows that you should end their life before this moment of happiness and ignorance to life and death dissipates. Silently being the operative word. Main reason behind this is the person doesn't want to go back to feeling the endless pain and torture of daily life and existentialism.
Friend 1: I made my local baker a cake for his birthday. It was the *yeast* I could do.
Friend 2: omg kms
by Mr. Memelord 69 October 13, 2015
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